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Our Vision

We envision a Children’s Hospital System totally dedicated and exclusively committed
to the care of the region’s children. A medical facility where no child will ever come into contact with an adult patient, or a staff member who is not trained to care for children.

Mission Statement

This Children’s Hospital will be a center of excellence. It will consolidate the talents of health care providers committed to the health and well-being of pediatric patients.

We will support innovation and research into the prevention, causes and treatment of diseases that affect children and be dedicated to the next generation of physicians, in particular pediatricians, pediatric specialists and allied pediatric health professionals.

We will transform care into a fully integrated system providing for the needs of all children. We will provide for the medical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of children and their families. We will embrace diversity while providing advocacy for the health and well-being of the region’s children.

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About PACKids

Learn more about what really are the driving reasons for creating an independent childrens hospital in Richmond VA.

Our Vision

Learn more about our vision and read our mission statement.