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Bringing all our resources into one central location

Our doctors are often both parents AND physicians. As such when a child is admitted with a serious illness, condition or injury, the doctor has to consciously make the decision as to which resource is best for this particular situation. One type of illness may require one resource while another condition may be better suited to a different medical resource. Currently these different medical resources are spread out in different places across the city.

Richmond provides excellent doctors and nursing staff but unfortunately does not provide one unified location where parents can feel confident that they are maing the right choice. Where is the correct place to go when they receive care in 5 different places?

A single, unified children’s hospital would provide comprehensive and coordinated care which is currently not possible in the Richmond area. Healthcare providers from all disciplines could work cohesively together to provide more efficient and appropriate care. VCU/MCV produces world class medical practitioners – combine these with a single resource for pediatric medicine in the form of a Children’s hospital and Richmond would truly become a world class resource for pediatric care.

PACKids Goals

  • The hospital should consolidate our city’s pediatric care into one central location that provides outstanding care for all the children in our community.
  • The governing board should be independent.  The hospital systems can have seats on the board, but no one hospital system should have a voting majority.
  • The budget of the children’s hospital should be independent.  Profits should come back to the children’s hospital to support its clinical care, research and teaching missions.
  • The hospital should have an open staff model.
  • The hospital should be freestanding, on a campus that is accessible to our community and has land to grow for the future.

Learn more about our vision and read our mission statement here >

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Learn more about what really are the driving reasons for creating an independent childrens hospital in Richmond VA.

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Our Vision

Learn more about our vision and read our mission statement.